Wood Venetians
Our internal wooden blinds are custom-made and are manufactured from top quality materials using carefully selected timber, high quality paints and stains. They are engineered to snugly fit almost any shape of window or patio door give your room a gorgeous new look.

The blinds are fitted with two controls - one to raise and lower the blind and one to tilt the slats.
Depending on which range you select, you will be offered the option of whether you would like these controls on the left or right hand side of your window.

There is a selection of three slat widths to choose from, depending on which blind you pick, 25mm, 35mm & 50mm.

The purpose of different slat sizes is to maintain a clean style and proper function.  Too many horizontal lines on a large window are not appealing, while not enough lines on a small window appears unattractive.  It is also much easier to operate blinds when they are sized appropiately.
If privacy is an issue, narrower slats are a great choice. Or for a contemporary effect, choose larger slats to let lots of light into your room.