Aluminium Venetians
Providing a light and airy atmosphere as well as privacy, aluminium venetians offer excellent durability, practicality and easy maintenance. Our blinds have been designed to bring understated elegance to your home, offering security, whilst blocking external noise and damaging sunlight. 
The slat size for our aluminium blinds is 25mm.

Controlling the light is a breeze with this range. From diffused lighting to semi-darkness at a twist of the wrist. These durable Aluminium Venetian blinds can also be raised to leave the window area clear.

Typically slats are either fully opened to let in light or fully closed to block out light. However various angles of tilt serve different purposes.  Tilting the blind up to reflect light towards the ceiling in summer will keep rooms up to 10 degrees cooler. Tilt them down in winter to conserve heat by directing the light downwards and the heat will warm the room as it rises.